The Participants indulge themselves in one of the most accommodating place in Gensan, The Sun City; its Function Hall welcomes all participants as well as the Guest Last June 27, 2015 in conducting GSTVSAI 2015.


GSTVSAI (GenSan Sarangani Tech Vocational School Association Inc.) Is an organization of all Tech vocational schools all over Sarangani and Gensan wherein it enlivens the skills and unity among the members of the group. The event was actively participated by the Tech-vocational schools namely; ACLC College Gensan, Gensan College of Technology, Camacho, Cronasia Foundation College Inc., Golden State College, Joji Ilagan Foundation Inc., Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Philippine Institute of Technology and Villamor Institute of Technology.


This Year’s Organizers were Villamor Institute of Technology, Joji Ilagan Foundation Inc., Cronasia Foundation College Inc., and ACLC College Gensan. Meanwhile, Gensan College of Technology turned over its Presidency to Villamor Institute of Technology meanwhile, the new Vice President was Cronasia Foundation College Inc., ACLC College Gensan took the Position of Secretary, Philippine Institute of Technology was the Treasurer and the Auditor was Golden State College.


Aside from choosing new officers, they also tackled their association plans this year for the improvement of the organization. As the new set of officers was elected, another chapter of the GSTVSAI will be taken by its members, through unbreakable cooperation and assertive determination. 

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