Making a Difference: Aspire, Perspire and Inspire

For everyone it should be clear from the beginning that studying and keeping one’s job requires one to sacrifice more than a regular full-time student. 
Working full-time while also studying full-time clearly requires a lot of effort. Putting so much of your mental and physical energy into this uneasy arrangement can quickly leave you feeling fatigue, stressed, or both. While many grad students and workers routinely feel tired and stressed by their work, as a full-time student-worker you will likely encounter stress and fatigue levels well beyond  those most of your colleagues.
But this lady proved that it is possible and manageable. Let us hear what this pretty lady can say about her inspiring college life. 
               My college life in ACLC? It was very challenging yet full of fun. In college days, when we hear the “challenge”, the usual thing that comes to our mind is “Money or a hindrance”. Yes, definitely, it is for without it, we will not be able to enroll, to pay the school fees, organization contributions, etc. But for me, challenge is a blessing. Blessing because w/out experiencing hardships, I wouldn’t be able to stand alone now.
In my college days, after my spes here in ACLC, I entered a lot of part time jobs just to sustain my school needs. When my father passed away, we are really struggling financially that is why I and my brother looked for a job for us to continue studying, and be able to achieve our goals in life.
Thank God, He provided us. During high school and college, part timely, I became a lotto machine operator, storekeeper, labeler of a certain canning corp . in Brgy. Tambler, sales clerk, marketing staff in ACLC,  wedding organizer’s staff and just recently, was once a secretary of a certain Brgy. Kagawad in Brgy. Dad. South here in Gensan.  It’s really hard being a working student. Managing your time in work, school and other responsibilities since I was also became an SSC Officer, and president of our BOIS department in our batch. Though very tiring, yet I had so much fun. I learned a lot of things both intellectually and morally .  I thank God very much for giving me strength and courage to face my challenges in life. I am now stronger than yesterday, and mature in making decisions. 
For me, success is being able to turn his dreams into reality despite the hardships, struggles and failures they have experienced.
Do not mind challenges, trials, obstacles, or any other term for problems. It’s been always there. Problem already exists even when you’re still in your mom’s womb. It’ll just make you crazy thinking about it. Remember this thing, “GOD MADE YOU”. You are created special. Your problem is smaller compared to others. Problem is simply like a quest. You have to find solutions for you to overcome it. 
      All colleges and universities are the same. They have common objectives and goals for students. The difference comes from the students. If the student is sincere and passionate, then definitely he’ll reach success. But if you’re planning to pursue computer, business or accounting courses, I recommend ACLC College since its main objective is to equip student in the arising technologies nowadays. Especially to those who desire business and accounting courses, ACLC COLLEGE is perfect for you. ACLC will bring you into the real business world. You’ll be fully equipped with the business and accounting softwares existing today.
 ØEvents Management NCIII
 ØBookkeeping NCIII
 ØLeadership Award
 ØBOIS Expert
I was thinking of a title for Cherry’s story.. never thought of anything until I saw the bottle of the mineral water that I am holding..
It says “Aspire, Perspire, Inspire”.
It actually fits Cherry’s so-called ‘student-life’. Aspire– when she was entering the world of College, she was dreaming high..Perspire– she work hard to send herself to college. And lastly, Inspire– she serves as an inspiration now to the students to pursue their dreams. During the time that I am doing telemarketing, main problem of the parents why they were not able to send their child to college is because of money matters.
But Cherry proved them wrong, any student who wants to pursue their dream, if they can see that their parents cannot afford to send them to college, will strive hard to pay for their tuition fee and eventually be proud to wear their togas and shout “I made it!”
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